Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Importance of Real Estate Signs

If the motto of the real estate industry is “Location, Location, Location” then the focus of those involved in selling it should be on “Signs, Signs, Signs.” The first step in selling commercial or residential real estate is to draw in as many potential customers as possible from as large a catchment area as is practical. To do this means that advertising and publicity should be as wide spread as possible.  This means using a variety of media to get the message across. In addition, the message itself should not be too focused. No one will read a description of the property that runs to a few thousand words. Highlights are what grab the reader’s attention but again, they must be those that appeals to the widest possible audience. A wrongly directed focus may get a few more potential buyers but also lose many more who will see nothing that might interest them. The idea is, first and last, to get the potential buyer to come and see the property.

Signage on the Spot
It is in the next stage that signs really come into their own element. Signs strategically placed on approach roads and in proximity to the property will draw in interested passersby. Once people reach the location, there will be salespeople around to show them the property and explain the benefits of occupying it.  However, the fact is that even if the customer is paying close attention to the sales spiel, the amount of information that is actually internalized for later recall and consideration is very limited.  On the other hand, well designed, properly worded and carefully placed signs can boost the internalization and recall. This is not just because of the visual impact of the information that they convey. In most cases, a customer will, after seeing a sign that interests him/her will ask the salesperson for more information. When information’s conveyed in the form of a response to a question, it is subconsciously given more attention and importance. This boosts recall and the value of the input.

Real estate signage traditionally has two functions. The first was to inform the world that the property is for sale/rent. The second is to provide contact information for those who want to know more. These are still the main functions. But in an increasingly sophisticated market, the sign now has to do more. It must be attractive and grab eyeballs. The design and look must be such that it stays in the mind.

Curb Appeal starts with Signs

Every real estate professional knows the importance of curb appeal. A good first impression makes a sale much easier and a bad one can often kill the deal on the spot. A liberal placement of signs, to catch the eyes of potential buyers approaching from any direction, is where it begins. Signs that provide updates to regular passersby on things like the number of units available etc. are those which will be recalled easily.

There are a few key issues that must be considered when thinking about using signs. These are:
  • Does it attract the attention of potential buyers?
  • Does it stand out from the crowd?
  • Does it convey information clearly?
  • Does it create brand awareness?
  • Is it suitable for outdoor use?
  • Is it re-usable?
  • Is it cost effective?

Get the Right Signs from the Right Source

Nothing hurts the image of a property and the seller like a cheap looking sign. The best way to ensure that the key issues of the signage are taken care of is to use the services of a professional sign making company. They will have the experience to help in deciding on the number of signs required and the sizes. They can help design signs that are eye catching. They will be able to use the materials and create the type of signs that are most suited for the job. And quality will not be an issue.

A sign does not just indicate that property is for sale. It says a lot about the type of property and the agency that is selling it.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Why the Colors of Signs are Important

The contrast between the foreground and the background is one of the most important factors in determining how easy a sign is to read. If colored text is used on a bright background, the contrast, and the readability of the message will be weak. That is why the use of white lettering on a dark or contrasting background is usually the most effective and clearest way of presenting text. It is easy to read and allows the memory to be easily retained. This is why highway signs typically use white typefaces against a dark green or dark brown background.  The Outdoor Advertising Institute says that reverse lettering in this manner can make a sign up to 40% more visible. The power of colors as a marketing tool can be easily understood by the fact that big businesses pay millions of dollars to psychologists to find colors that will elicit an emotional reaction from potential customers. Did you know that prison cells are often painted in special calming colors to make the inmates less violent?

There is a simple test to prove how important this is when a business is using signage to promote itself. When driving down a main road during the day or night, pay special attention to the signs and billboards that line the way. It soon becomes apparent that white lettering is more easily read than dark ones, especially at night. On the other hand light backgrounds tend to blend in with the sky, making the sign easy to miss.

The use of colored borders in signs is another issue that needs careful examination. In general a border tends to make a sign look smaller than it really is. Borders may also clutter up the signs with features and colors that distract the eye away from the main message that the sign is supposed to convey.

The Correct Use of Colors

A businessman considering the use of signage to promote his business should not allow personal taste to dictate the colors used in the signs. While individual reactions to different colors can vary, here are a few of the generally accepted reactions to common colors used in signage.
  • Green is among the most prevalent colors in nature and is the preferred color for companies and products that want to be seen as environment friendly.
  • Blue is a color typically related to trust and one which a company wants to be known as being trustworthy will use. It is the most common color used in the logos of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Yellow is a color that stands out, but that is not always a good thing. Black on yellow signs are highly visible which is why these are the colors used in highway caution and danger signs. It may not be in the best interests of a business to have their signs use a color with a negative image – yellow is the color of lemons, bananas, jaundice, cowardice and so on. An exception is the use of gold which denotes wealthy and prosperity. However, it should be clearly differentiated from just yellow.
  • Red is a color that is used a lot in food packaging. This is because psychologists say that it is associated with excitement and nervous energy which are both associated with hunger.
  • Brown is thought to be a bland dull color that is associated with sadness and melancholy. These are not associations that will promote a product.
These are only general observations. Each business and product are different.  The way a sign is designed and the wording used on it can modify or even reverse the normal associations of the colors. When planning to use signs to promote a business or an event, a signage professional will be able to offer invaluable advice on what needs to be done to maximize the impact of the message that the sign conveys.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to market your business during the holidays?

Holiday marketing is one of the best ways to boost sales during an otherwise slow year. Every entrepreneur should come up with seasonal promotions to market their business, irrespective of what service or product they sell. Here are a few great ways to market your services and products during the season:

Market your online business offline

If you work from home, it is almost impossible to serve the local market. However, most home based online businesses can benefit from advertising on the ground. Market your services within your community and nearby areas. You can also take part in fairs and holiday events organized by non-profit organizations, business associations, and others.

Apart from this, make your business stand out by hosting special events in your community. Use the time to showcase your services and products so customers can get an idea of what you have to offer. You can also keep little holiday Knick knacks as giveaways– to get visitors in the holiday spirit. Apart from this, you can also gift special coupons that customers can use to get discounts on your web store.

The holidays are the best setting because you get to meet so many people at once.

Offer discounts

Most people shop for others during the holiday season and love to get great deals. Hence, prepare yourself ahead of time to offer discounts that customers can’t ignore. This will help you enhance your customer base and even gain loyalty from repeat customers.

Be available

Holidays are not the time to take time off. Make sure you’re available to avoid losing out on substantial income opportunity. In fact, extend your working hours when advertising your business. Let customers know that you want to make their lives easy by staying open after business hours. You don't want potential customers to go to your competition because you were not available during a crucial time in their lives.

Use advertising signs

Besides using online marketing, you also need to set in motion an offline marketing plan with the help of advertising signs. From plain to a little complicated, your signage can be configured to represent the holidays, as they come. If you have a physical address, make sure you decorate your windows with holiday charms. Put up A-frames displaying the massive discounts on offer. Also, in case you have a substantial advertising budget, use it on mobile advertising and billboard marketing for maximum exposure.

It is wise to hire a professional sign making company to create your holiday advertising signs. These providers have the experience and skill to come up with unique designs and colors for your campaign.

The holiday season is not the time to take it easy. Follow the aforementioned ideas and you'll easily be able to keep up with or beat your competition. However, business owners and marketers are people, too. They of course should also spend time with their friends and families to celebrate the festivities. The key is to balance it all out.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The rewards of retail marketing

People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just: 'How do we make the retail experience a great one?'- Philip Green

Retail marketing is a way of promoting a service or a product directly to the consumers. The method can take several forms, such as direct-mail pieces, television commercials, banner ads and coupons. There are several advantages to retail marketing.

Spreads awareness

One of the main benefits of retail marketing is spreading awareness. The method helps in putting a spotlight on the product by letting the consumer know that it exists. For instance, if a retail marketing campaign promotes an acne removal cream through banner ads and commercials, someone with the problem will come to know that a product is available to help them get rid of their acne issue. In response, they will buy the product and increase its sale, in turn benefiting the manufacturer and the merchant selling the product in the store.

Basically, potential customers of a product have to know that the product exists for the sales to go up. Retail marketing bridges the gap between a product and its target market.

Boosts profits

Another advantage that retail marketing offers is increasing profits. Whether it's unveiling a new product or giving away special coupons, retail marketing can attract larger crowds to a store. Large number of potential customers walking into the establishment will lead to better sales. Higher sales volume ultimately brings increased business profitability.

Creates a competitive environment

Retail marketing has the ability to create healthy competition between retailers. Hence, it leaves no room for monopoly. This benefits customers because it assists in keeping the costs down. To sustain in the market, retailers adjust their prices according to the competition.

Creates jobs

Retail marketing helps to attract more customers to the stores. This further leads to creation of new jobs. When retail stores have more business, they also need more people to help them with sales, marketing and operations. For those looking to get into the retail industry, retail marketing can certainly open up new career opportunities.

However, for successful marketing, a business needs to keep certain things in mind. For instance, it is very important to offer excellent customer service. There is no point in marketing your product impressively and then treating the people that walk into your stores with indifference. Train your staff to be courteous and helpful. By providing a welcoming environment for customers, you can generate loyalty and place your store above other outlets. Apart from this, it is also important to use physical banners, A-frames and other methods to advertise your services right outside your establishment. This will help you target daily passersby and impulsive shoppers.

Foot traffic certainly plays a big role in making a retail store successful, which relies heavily on consumers to continue its operations. With an efficient marketing plan, you can grab the interest of passersby and engage your existing customers to enhance profits and sales. As you cultivate new marketing strategies, think of how you can increase the volume of customers walking into your store and the ways through which you can change them into buyers.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Five reasons for using digital banners

Banners are an important advertising technique that helps you in communicating your brand message to the audience. Traditionally, these signs were made from vinyl, paper or cloth that could be rolled up, allowing for simple removal and installation. But as you’ve probably guessed, technology has come a long way from the times in which organizations had to hand-stencil their signs. Today, we have digital banners that allow large-scale signs to showcase detailed and dynamic content in the most cost-effective way.

To give you a better understanding of why digital banners are an effective method of advertising and why they should be a major part of your business’s marketing strategy, we have put together five reasons why digital banner ads work:


Majority of the advertising exposure happens when the prospect’s attention is focused somewhere else, such as while driving or walking down the road. According to experts, even an incidental exposure to advertising, at this time, can have a positive effect on the attitude of consumers.  Banner ads have the ability to create a favorable attitude towards the advert because of repeated exposure.

Cost effective:

Outdoor banners are believed to be the most cost effective and popular ways to advertise. They are a powerful technique to attract attention and are perfect for a variety of marketing activities.

Digital banners are clear:

If you are looking to send out a message to the masses and want to get as many “eyes” on your message, then digital banners are the right way to go. Banners make an impact on the audience when nothing else can. For instance, while stuck in traffic, while waiting for someone on the street. A creative and humorous billboard offers that escape and if done properly, it can be an extremely powerful advertising technique.

You tell the world what you’re about:

There is a huge customer base out there for you to tap into. But, how can you do it? Simple, just search for a format that works best for you. A well-made digital banner placed outside your shop can give your prospects information about your business and highlight discounts or offers. This technique will attract the customer towards your business, helping you to talk to them even before they enter the building. You can think of digital banners as a silent sales team.


Digital banners are all about quick installation, versatility and removal. A permanent digital display can be used to announce an endless string of information. And as HD screens and high-end software applications are being developed simultaneously, digital signs have taken off with unbelievable speed.

These advantages should be able to provide you with an understanding why banner ads work. With the right creation and planning of a digital banner campaign, you can have an extremely positive effect on the marketing efforts of your business. Banner ads permit you to reach thousands of customers at a comparatively low cost.  However, remember that digital banner ads are only one of the several elements that go into the creation of a successful marketing campaign.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tips to buy magnetic car signs

Whether you want to display your services, company logo or name on the side of your vehicle, magnetic signs are one of the best ways to advertise your business. Here is how to buy the right magnetic signs for your vehicle:

Decide on a size

Start off by deciding what size of signs you’ll like to get made. Magnetic signs can be as tiny as a business card or as big as one whole side of your car or van. Certainly, the larger the graphic, the more it will cost to produce. Measure up the size of the area where you’ll like your magnetic signs to be used, and order accordingly.

Get in touch with local providers

Get in touch with local print shops and ask them if they manufacture magnetic signs. If so, discuss about the technology they use for printing and if they have the ability to include a photograph or logo on the sign. Make sure to confirm what layout they accept logos in. Apart from this, ask the designers to show you the final design before printing -- this will give you the time to check the sign for any errors before it is actually manufactured.


The materials that magnetic signs are printed on come in different quality and gauges. Thicker-gauge and higher-quality material is more durable and sticks better. Such signs will cost more, but their longevity is worth the money.

Wax your vehicle

Before using magnetic signs on your vehicle, make sure you have a fresh coat of wax on the automobile. Removing magnetic signs can scrape the paint. Also, when sending the vehicle to car wash, make sure the signs are removed. You must also take off the signs if you’re planning to park the vehicle in a single spot for too long.

When designing your magnetic signs, be sure to include important information, especially your company's phone number, in large print. Also, choose colors that are attractive to the eye. It is best to use brighter hues for background or lettering. Remember, a magnetic sign on your vehicle is also a reflection of your business. So, make sure you drive carefully.

As technology continues to expand and evolve, the attention span of an average person is shortened. Grabbing attention while on the go is one of the best ways to enhance advertising opportunities. Put up a magnetic sign on your vehicle to give your business another way to display its services, products, and contact information. However, make sure you invest in a good sign making company so that your graphics are attractive and of the best quality. If you’re looking for local sign makers in California, the best way to search for them is to research online. There are plenty of forums and directories that list reputed companies and the rates they charge for their services. Most sign makers also have their own websites that display their work and other related information. However, in case the internet doesn’t work for you, you can also ask family and friends for suggestions.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Advantages of Modern Advertising

"Learn the rules. Then learn how to change them, and get others to follow." - Heidi Minx

Marketing is an important ingredient towards the success of a business. The concept integrates a number of techniques such as distribution, promotions, and sales that aid in establishing and keeping solid client relationships, while ensuring profitability. Marketing is very important if an enterprise wants to enjoy higher traffic and better sales. However, there is a big shift in the way businesses like to advertise themselves these days. A lot of them are swinging towards a more modernistic stance (such as, guerilla and online marketing) from a traditional marketing mindset.

There are a variety of reasons why so many owners prefer a modern marketing philosophy. These are,


Modern methods are more customer-oriented and reasonable. Conventional marketing, on the other hand, is often financially demanding and is not consumer-centric. One of the examples of contemporary marketing is guerilla marketing. The concept was invented as an unconventional method of promotion that relies on energy, time, and creativity rather than spending huge amounts of money. For instance, startups can utilize stadium cups to push adverts right into the hands of the prospects. Making use of customized stadium cups as an advertising tool is extremely effective because it adds to the advertisement’s functionality.

Web Marketing

Another modern advertising technique is e-marketing. What makes internet marketing so popular is that it is economical if you take into account the ratio of cost and traffic. By promoting your services and goods over the Internet, you have the benefit of appealing to consumers using a medium that can bring in quick results. Internet marketing is also very efficient as it allows companies to analyze how their marketing strategies are performing, and tweak them as required to ensure desirable returns.


Digital billboards, banners, vehicle graphics are other forms of modern day advertising techniques that have taken the advertising world by the horns. A lot of marketing companies use these signs as part of their marketing strategy. Most of them employ the services of sign makers who help them design and create effective signage. Creative graphic signs have the ability to gather instant attention of the passersby and arouse their curiosity for the brand.


Modern day marketing techniques are more effective in establishing credibility in a brand. In the long run, this improves the business’s utility and value.

The advancements in modern world may have transformed the way we do business, but spreading the word about your services or products is still important to your success irrespective of which industry you work in. There are more than a thousand ways to promote your brand to interested customers. However, the best way to go about it is to take a modern approach. Do not be scared of using new technology to your advantage. Conventional forms of marketing remains strong, but as the world increasingly moves into the digital age, it has become all the more important for companies to ensure they use digital and online advertising avenues as well. One of the best ways to find out about good sign making and advertising firms in California is to research online. Most providers these days have full-fledged websites displaying their services and work.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Six reasons for Using Digital Banners

Most businesses are looking for cost-effective and easy promotional strategies that will help them enhance their customer base. Thanks to the new age digital banners, it is now possible to promote a brand without putting a hole in your advertising budget. Contemporary banners are one of the most eye-catching and attractive ways of putting across a piece of information or message to the audience.

The extensive use of digital banners and their preference over other types of advertising can be attributed to their durability and cost-effectiveness. They provide a stiff competition to paper banners, cloth banners, and other forms of traditional advertising. Here are six reasons why digital banners should be used by every business:


When promoting an event or a business, the advertisement quality should never be risked. Conventional printing generally has problems such as miss printing and smearing ink. Digital banners, on the other hand, provide high quality assurance and better finished results.


It is a lot easier to align and tweak a digital image and then take out as many prints as possible, in comparison to re-printing a cloth or paper banner. You or your designer can create a good final copy before print and then take out smear-proof, clear copies in no time using digital printers. There is no need to spend hours creating digital banners as the technology does not require printing plates.


When compared to cloth or paper banners that tend to damage with time and if hung outdoors, digital banners are more stable.

Less Ink and less paper

Digital banners are extremely resourceful. The technology ensures there is less wastage of paper and ink. You are not required to worry about the colors and image positioning.


There is no doubt in the cost effectiveness of digital banners. Whether you plan to get them printed at your own office or hire a sign making company to do the job for you, the cost per banner will be a lot less in comparison to other modes of advertising.


Digital banners are extremely versatile and suitable for all kinds of situations that necessitate advertising. Be it a product advertisement or an outdoor event, these banners get noticed easily by the masses due to their brightness. They can be utilized widely for visual displays, general business, outdoor activities, and displays at booths.

Digitally created banners have become an important part of indoor and outdoor advertising for companies. However, when planning to use these graphical signs for your campaign, it is best to go to a professional. There are several sign makers in California that specialize in digital banners. The good ones do not just print the graphics, they also provide help with the designing. They use the best material and printing techniques to make sure the end result is nothing less than spectacular. One of the best ways to find out about a good provider is to search online. There are plenty of good options you’ll find here.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ways to Improve your Grocery Store Signs

Grocery stores offer an extensive range of products for their customers. Therefore, to make navigation easy, signs are placed at different corners of the store. While some signs list the items found in a specific aisle, others inform customers about promotional items or locally grown goods. Making sure that your signage is helpful and appropriate helps your grocery store attract more customers and provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

Talk to Customers

The best feedback you can get is through your customers. Ask them what they’ll like for sign sizes, colors, designs, lettering, and locations. Make a note of the most common style and color preferences. Apart from this, request your customers to suggest sign location. Find out if they prefer floor signs or hanging signs.

Remember, your signs should be written in attention grabbing, bold color and text. Keep the information brief and easily readable, and include prices and product names. Also, the color you choose must stand out and at the same time should not overwhelm the customer.

Choose the Right Material

Find out which material will best suit your needs. Every store has a different personality, so the sign material you choose should vary according to the environment you want to create. Normally, grocery store signs look good in plastic or wood. However, the size should vary. Smaller stores should stick to smaller signs, to avoid overwhelming customers. Large stores, on the other hand, need prominent signs due to the higher square footage involved.

Keep it Uniform

Make sure you decide on a unifying theme for your signs. Do not use different materials for different departments.

Use Outdoor Signs

Put up signs at your store front to attract more customers. These signs can promote particular items, sales or other specialties that make the store different. One of the best forms of outdoor signs is chalkboards. You can easily draw imagery or list your best products on these traditional but creative mediums.

Include Shelf Signs

Shelf signs display numbers, item descriptions, and prices. They are fixed to the edge of each shelf and make shopping extremely easy for customers. Many grocery stores also add barcodes to these signs for inventory purposes.

Signs Over Food Items

It is a good idea to put up signs over food items on display. This helps customers differentiate between items that are fresh and local from the ones that have been transported from far flung areas.

Contact a Sign Making Company

Sign makers do not just manufacture your signs but also help you design your signage from scratch. Due to their experience and expertise, they can help you decide which material and style will best suit the personality of your store.
From handmade signs to state-of-the-art materials, grocery store displays have come a long way. By doing some research and getting a sign maker on board, you can certainly come up with winning strategies that will help you attract repeat customers and increase business.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Easy Tips to Design a Company Logo

A logo is not just words and images, a well-made logo tells people about your company-- what you do, who you are, and what you value the most. Because, there is so much a logo can do, it's important to take out time to make one. Here are some tips to create a design that will brand you in the marketplace successfully.
  1. Figure Out What the Main Function of your Logo should be

  2. A logo is the representation of your brand. So, what do you want your logo to do for you?
    1. Create trust in your company. Trust is a major part of any business relationship. Your clients should be able to trust you. A good logo should convey your integrity and honesty and should help you build credibility.
    2. Memorability. People like to shop with their eyes; brand logos are a lot easier to remember than products, services and names.
    3. Enhance admiration. If your customers already hold a good impression about you, you can certainly build on that by developing a logo that is admired for its cleverness, looks, or effective simplicity.
    4. Understand your Brand and Customers

    A logo should essentially be an introduction to your brand and must reach a particular audience. Hence, when creating one, you should keep your customers and brand ideology in mind. Make a list of what you consider your company represents. Research well and try to come up with something that will resonate to your potential customers and make them come to you.
  3. Choose a Color Wisely

  4. When choosing a color for your brand logo, you have to think of the personality of your brand. Bold and bright colors may seem attention grabbing, but can also look brash. Muted tones on the other hand exude sophistication, but can be overlooked.
    1. Red: bold, energetic
    2. Yellow: inventive, sunny, optimistic
    3. Orange: friendly, creative,
    4. Green: organic, growth
    5. Purple: wise, spiritual, evocative
    6. Blue: tranquil, professional and trustworthy
    7. Black: powerful and credible
    8. Pink: flirty and fun
    9. White: pure and clean
    10. Brown: historical, rural, and steady
    11. Keep it Flexible and Easy

    It is important to keep a balance between quirky and simple. You want your brand logo to be appealing, but you don’t want the viewer to sit and stare, analyzing the meaning of the design.
  5. Do not Expect Instant Success

  6. Logos take time to gain popularity. They won’t become iconic instantly, even if the design and combination is perfect. Ultimately, the success of your logo will depend on the popularity of your product and the market that you cover.
  7. Use Online Tools and Resources

  8. The internet offers a sea of information for those who require inspiration, assistance or collaboration when designing the company’s logo.
  9. Hire a Sign Maker or a Designer

  10. You may want to create a logo on your own; but, a professional will certainly do a better job. They have the right skills and equipment to help you come up with the right design. You can instruct them with what you want, your ideas and requirements. They will keep those in mind during the designing phase.   
    Crafting a brand's visual identity is more than placing a name in a circle. A logo is a company's first impression, one that can influence a prospect’s brand perception, overall attitude and ultimately purchase decisions toward a product.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Most Common Advertising Mistakes

“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief”- Leo Burnett

This quote does hold a lot of truth. A well-made advertising campaign can attract the right prospects and get everyone talk about your product and service. While on the other hand, bad marketing can just as easily spoil your reputation and cost you thousands of dollars.

Here is a list of seven mistakes commonly made in the field of business marketing that you must avoid.

  • Not Knowing your Ideal Customer - There are several companies that have no concept of who their ideal customers are. They keep a very product-centric view and believe that knowing who to target is not important since their product is so "hi-end". This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes businesses make. If you do not target the right audience, you will have a hard time increasing sales, no matter how “state of the art” your product may be.
  • Lack of Testing and Research - Market testing and research should be done to determine how effective your marketing strategies really are. This helps you take the guesswork out of what your customer really wants. You should always make sure you have tested different prices, offers, and packages.
  • Marketing without a Unique Selling Point - Your USP is the statement that singles you out amongst your competition. This should be utilized in every piece of advertising material. Do not market without it! Positioning your business away from competitors and making it distinctive keeps your business strong.
  • Advertising at the Wrong Places - If you spend your advertising dollars at the wrong place then your advertising becomes expenditure and not an investment. It is important to get to know your potential customers. Give them a survey to fill out. Ask them what magazines or newspapers they like. You have to build a profile of your target market. After this, the advertising media will match you up with the right sections and stations.
  • Listening to Wrong Advice - When it comes to advertising, everybody is willing to offer you advice. And, since you feel that you know so little, you take everything at face value. There are a lot of media salespersons who are just out to sell you advertisement. Hence, be careful whose advice you take.
  • Concentrating on Product Features - There are so many businesses that talk about what their service or product has, not what it does. The truth is no one buys a service or product for its characteristics. Hence, evaluate every service and product you offer. What are the real benefits of each to your products? Are you displaying these benefits in your advertisements?
  • Lack of Advertising Signs - One of the areas where businesses fail to invest is advertising signs. Banners, A-frames, and billboards are some of the most popular ways to attract foot traffic into your establishment. Make sure you get these graphics designed by creative and witty sign makers.

If your current marketing plan is making one of these mistakes then it’s time for you to take a step back from your present strategy, research prospective customer bases, and spend good time listening to the needs of your clients. It is never too late to start afresh.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Five Signs Every Restaurant Needs

Opening a new restaurant is challenging and knowing how to market is more challenging. So, once your business plan is in place get ready to address your advertising needs.  Begin with:

Interesting A-frame Signs

A lot of restaurant proprietors use A-frames in front of their establishments to attract customers. These menu signs are an easy and economical way of advertising specials or writing witty messages. In fact, the more creative a business gets with these boards, the more likely it is to generate interest of the passersby.

Why? Well, because witty signs play with human psyche and interest them to try out the eatery.

Way Finding Signs

Most restaurateurs talk about menu specials, interior design, and staffing. However, what’s hardly touched upon is the importance of way finding and the difference it can make between a good and bad experience.

If a customer enters an establishment and is not quite sure what to do, then that immediately causes debilitating anxiety. Should I wait for a seat? Where do I order? Where’s the hostess? The anxiety these questions pump, immediately demotes a Grade A experience to Grade B, all because of bad way finding signage.

So, what does “good” way finding look like?

To ensure good way finding, the owner should identify the main points of interaction- seating, ordering, restrooms, pickup, etc. These areas should be marked by using identifiable words and arrows. If a restaurant nails this part of the design, it will be a step closer to enhancing its customer experience to help build business.

Menu Boards

Menu boards intend to offer patrons with the information they need, such as specials or menu listings. To make a menu board an instant hit, the owner must always include three elements - list of food items being served, ingredients inside every dish and individual rates.

Proprietors will surely see an increase in return customers if they use their menu boards properly.

ADA Compliant Signs

ADA signs help protect customers with disabilities from any discrimination and ensure that they are able to dine as well as any other customer. To comply with ADA requirements, a restaurant must offer a minimum of one travel route accessible for those who wish to access the eatery from the parking space. There should also be wheelchair accessible seats in the dining area to accommodate disabled customers. Apart from this, restaurateurs must also follow explicit guidelines covering restrooms in the establishment.

Mobile Billboards

Advertising through a fleet of delivery vehicles is a clever idea. Mobility enables exposure at any place or time resulting in ads being exposed to a larger set of audience.

They say that advertisement is an important factor through which a business can bring its product to public view, and consequentially get identification. With a serious increase in the number of restaurants in California, the need for implementing good marketing strategies has become the need of the hour. The good news is there is still room for every food-service to do well. The secret lies in using restaurant signs more creatively and efficiently.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to Protect Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are stick-on designs and shapes that personalize a surface with sports logos, saying or designs. These decals are easy to install, remove and wash. However, like any other graphic, they require regular maintenance to look brand new. If you fail to take good care of your decals they will chip, peel, and fall off eventually.

The first, and also the most important thing to keep the graphics going is to install them properly. Make sure the surface is completely clean. Even if the area looks uncontaminated it may still have tiny pieces of debris or dust on it, so always wipe and clean the surface properly first.

Cleaning the Graphic
  • Use a soft cloth or a rag to wipe the vinyl graphic. Get rid of any loose dirt or dust.
  • Use a plastic scraper or a plastic tool to press the flaking graphic down. Lift up the peeling portion with the help of tweezers – and try to pull it upward – in case it contains no adhesive.
  • Spray water using a low-pressure water hose on your graphics. Never use a power sprayer or a pressure washer. These tools tend to damage the graphics.
  • Apply a glass cleaner with the help of a paper towel or a cloth for stubborn areas. In case, the graphic does not clean with glass cleaner, rubbing small amounts of alcohol with a paper towel or cotton swab is beneficial. Also, in case you use alcohol or a chemical cleaner make sure you clean the area with soapy water again to get rid of the chemicals.
  • Edges can also be cleaned by rubbing on a glass cleaner or alcohol. Use moderate pressure round the edges, and change the cotton when dirt becomes noticeable. Finish the job by washing the whole area with the help of soapy water.
  • Wash out all soap from the application area and decal with clear water using a sponge, or a hose.
  • Make sure the whole area is thoroughly dry by dabbing it with a dry paper towel or cloth.
  • In case the decals are exposed to severe conditions, ask the sign maker about sealer application. Edge sealer helps in preventing moisture and dirt from penetrating, which can cause adhesive failure. Sealer can be added to existing and new installations.
  • Slight application of natural wax (non-oil-based) on to the surface of the decal can act as an added protective measure. Make sure to remove bits of wax from the seams and edges with dry cotton after application.
  • Do not use aggressive or abrasive applicators or cleaners on the vinyl surfaces. Abrasion of the surface can cause the vinyl to deteriorate faster, and ultimately fail.
  • Never attempt to fill or repair cracks or chips in vinyl, as unprofessional repair or handling materials will damage the graphic further. It is best to get in touch with a local sign shop or the installer for advice.
  • Users are advised not to use strong chemicals on the vinyl to increase its life span.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to Install Vinyl Letters

Self-adhesive vinyl is known to be extremely versatile and flexible. The material can be utilized to make eye-catching logos and signs for personal and business use. However, one of the most common uses of indoor and outdoor graphics is for advertising. Adhesive vinyl lettering helps in generating professional looking text on windows, sides of cars and sign boards.

Vinyl Letters on Cars

Advertising your business helps build name recognition, especially when it’s on cars. Vinyl lettering on vehicles can be seen thousands of times every day. It markets your business to passersby, provides credibility and identity when you drive to a client’s site. And unlike other marketing techniques, you will incur absolutely no repeat costs when the truck is lettered.

Apart from vinyl car letters, the material can also be used to create other forms of ad campaigns. You can give out the same message through multiple platforms such as by sticking vinyl letter advertising on shop windows and wooden surfaces. This adds continuity and helps a business with its branding strategy.


Installing a vinyl graphic is a simple process but requires a lot of precision and patience. Here is the process:
  • Complete text with the logo or artwork is laser cut by a sign making company as per your specifications. After creating the lettering, professionals attach it to an application paper to enable convenient installation.
  • Clean the entire surface where the lettering needs to be installed with water and soap to remove any filth that might hinder proper adhesion. Once done, dry out the surface completely with the help of a lint-free towel.
  • Now stick masking tape on top corners of the application paper and attach it to the surface.
  • Gently lift the application paper and peel the protective backing away to expose the adhesive. In case the sign you’re trying to put up is large, you can cut multiple sections to make the removal more manageable.
  • Gradually roll back the paper to the surface, make sure you smoothen it down with the help of a squeegee.
  • Pull off the application paper from the surface, starting from the top corner and working your way to the opposing corner. Since the application paper has less adhesive in comparison to the lettering, the letters will remain stuck to the surface while the paper comes off.
  • Get rid of any air bubbles that might have formed under the letters by piercing them with a pin.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Decorating your Child's Room with Wall Graphics

Watching the eyes of your children light up as they enter their newly decorated bedroom is certainly a great reward. Fortunately, there is no need to be highly artistic to add beautiful touches to a dull room. Wall graphics are extremely easy to install and make a great substitute to hanging pictures. Apart from this, they can also add a bit of style and color to a rented house where changing the color is not a choice.

How to Choose and Apply a Wall Graphic
  • Select a wall graphic that reflects the hobbies and interests of the child. Wall graphics are available in a range of styles, sizes and colors. Stick to those that represent a favorite sport, character, color, or general style that the child enjoys.
  • Decide on the location- look around the room and mark all the blank spaces of the walls. This will help you get an idea of how much area you have to work with and the size of wall graphics.
  • Clean the space on the wall where you’d like to place the decal. The area should be absolutely free of dirt, dust, grime and grease for the graphic to stick properly. Make use of a de-greasing cleaner, and a soft cloth. Rinse carefully with water, and let the area dry out completely.
  • Tear off a few pieces of a masking tape. Stick the top edge of the decal to the wall where you want the graphic to be.
  • Peel the back layer off of the graphics, and stick them to the surface. Most graphics are created from vinyl and can be removed and reapplied easily. Hence, if you’re not able to get them just right for the first time, you will have the chance to change.
  • Put up wall graphics in places that are unexpected. Graphics should certainly not be limited to walls. Place them on the windows, doors, mirrors, shelving and even tiles. You can even stick small wall graphics on plastic lampshades, wastebaskets, and the like.
  • In case the vinyl decal you’re trying to install is too big, you might want a friend to help you. The ideal temperature of the room in which you’ll install the graphics should be somewhere between forty five and ninety degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Eliminate small air bubbles in the vinyl decal after a couple of days. Just poke them with a sharp needle to push them down. Also, do not try to install a large vinyl graphics on a surface that has just been painted. Wait for a minimum of three days. Also, in case the area is very moist -- above ninety percent -- you can experience trouble when you install the large decal. Hence, wait for the right weather conditions.

There are several companies that offer a variety of wall murals and stickers. These products come in motifs and themes fit for any kid’s room. From small self-stick graphics to life-sized dinosaur graphics, there is something for every wall. Few of the most ingenious mural and sticker products even include vinyl growth charts, wall borders and popular themes such as, sports stickers, prince and princess, cartoon characters, Disney movies and a lot more! Some companies also allow you to create your own design. You can give them your feedback and the designers create murals especially for you.

There are several sign makers in California that use hi-quality material and prints to create wall graphics. They also have a team of designers who look after the quality of design. To find out about such companies look them up online. Most providers have websites depicting the services they provide and previous work.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to Buy Vehicle Wraps at a Good Price

Whether you call them vehicle wraps or car wraps, they are mobile billboards, ready to send out your information to every pedestrian and passenger on the streets. You can certainly increase your client list with a vehicle wrap to a surprisingly large number. The concept of getting a car wrap is wise, but paying for it can change your mind. The good news is, if you know where to look and what to ask, you can find your wraps much cheaper.

Tips to find cheap car wraps

  • Get several quotes for the wrap- in fact, it’s advisable to get no less than a dozen price quotations. Begin with the local companies within California. After that, check the World Wide Web for providers who deal specifically in vehicle wraps. These companies print in bulk on the vinyl, so there will be a big difference in price. The more you research, the more likely you are to find a provider that offers the best wraps at the most reasonable prices.
  • Ask the provider if you can design the wrap on your own- designing on your own will cut out hundreds of dollars and is pretty easy. Most vehicle wrap companies have professional designers who charge a little extra to do the job for you. They have templates for the car model to fit the items into the image. The good news is, you can ask them for the template to create your own design. It will save you cash.
  • Get a partial wrap- most consumers use completely wrapped vehicles, but partial ones also have the ability to attract as much attention. Consider getting small sections of your vehicle wrapped to save on your advertising money. The back and sides of the car can be wrapped while leaving the hood, roof and windows off. This will help reduce your square footage. Hence, reducing the money spent on vinyl advertising.
  • Negotiate the installation rate- most providers are open to some negotiation. You can always request the installers if they’ll settle for a cheaper rate than what they’re asking. If you offer a reasonable rate, they might agree.
  • Know the kinds of vinyl available and decide what will work best- if the car is going to be kept inside during the night and during bad weather, you will not require the premium vinyl which is more expensive. Instead get a reasonable vinyl, keep your car clean and avoid destructive elements such as rain and extreme weather conditions, as much as possible.

Car Wrap advertising technique is based on how many passersby see the wrap while walking or driving per day. This also includes parking the car in places that are high on traffic. Even though searching for cheaper ways to get your wraps is recommended, it is also important that the wraps that you ultimately use are of good quality and professionally made. There no use putting up a graphic that looks shabby. In fact, this can work negatively for a business by offering a very unprofessional image. It is best to get in touch with a reputed and experienced sign maker who uses the best material and technique at the most reasonable prices. There are several such providers in California.

It is also a good idea to not get the graphics installed on your own just to save on installation charges. With car wraps, you may not be able to customize properly to make the vehicle stand out from a sea of other cars in traffic. In fact, you are likely to end up ruining the polish of your vehicle due to bad installation techniques.