Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Easy Tips to Design a Company Logo

A logo is not just words and images, a well-made logo tells people about your company-- what you do, who you are, and what you value the most. Because, there is so much a logo can do, it's important to take out time to make one. Here are some tips to create a design that will brand you in the marketplace successfully.
  1. Figure Out What the Main Function of your Logo should be

  2. A logo is the representation of your brand. So, what do you want your logo to do for you?
    1. Create trust in your company. Trust is a major part of any business relationship. Your clients should be able to trust you. A good logo should convey your integrity and honesty and should help you build credibility.
    2. Memorability. People like to shop with their eyes; brand logos are a lot easier to remember than products, services and names.
    3. Enhance admiration. If your customers already hold a good impression about you, you can certainly build on that by developing a logo that is admired for its cleverness, looks, or effective simplicity.
    4. Understand your Brand and Customers

    A logo should essentially be an introduction to your brand and must reach a particular audience. Hence, when creating one, you should keep your customers and brand ideology in mind. Make a list of what you consider your company represents. Research well and try to come up with something that will resonate to your potential customers and make them come to you.
  3. Choose a Color Wisely

  4. When choosing a color for your brand logo, you have to think of the personality of your brand. Bold and bright colors may seem attention grabbing, but can also look brash. Muted tones on the other hand exude sophistication, but can be overlooked.
    1. Red: bold, energetic
    2. Yellow: inventive, sunny, optimistic
    3. Orange: friendly, creative,
    4. Green: organic, growth
    5. Purple: wise, spiritual, evocative
    6. Blue: tranquil, professional and trustworthy
    7. Black: powerful and credible
    8. Pink: flirty and fun
    9. White: pure and clean
    10. Brown: historical, rural, and steady
    11. Keep it Flexible and Easy

    It is important to keep a balance between quirky and simple. You want your brand logo to be appealing, but you don’t want the viewer to sit and stare, analyzing the meaning of the design.
  5. Do not Expect Instant Success

  6. Logos take time to gain popularity. They won’t become iconic instantly, even if the design and combination is perfect. Ultimately, the success of your logo will depend on the popularity of your product and the market that you cover.
  7. Use Online Tools and Resources

  8. The internet offers a sea of information for those who require inspiration, assistance or collaboration when designing the company’s logo.
  9. Hire a Sign Maker or a Designer

  10. You may want to create a logo on your own; but, a professional will certainly do a better job. They have the right skills and equipment to help you come up with the right design. You can instruct them with what you want, your ideas and requirements. They will keep those in mind during the designing phase.   
    Crafting a brand's visual identity is more than placing a name in a circle. A logo is a company's first impression, one that can influence a prospect’s brand perception, overall attitude and ultimately purchase decisions toward a product.

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