Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Signage Types You Should Know (Part-2)

We looked at a few signage types and definitions in the previous post. We continue to look at a few more in this post.

  • Mission signs: Also known as purpose signs, they give customers a clear statement of the ethics and beliefs of the business.
  • Motivational signs: These are the same as incentive signs.
  • Point-of-purchase signs: These signs attract interest to specific products, and prompt quick purchase decisions. They are usually found near checkout counters with the products exhibited nearby.
  • Policy signs: These signs provide information on business policy such as exchanging products or returning those that are defective.
  • Price only signs: A sign of this type displays nothing but a specific price – for example “$19.99”. No product information is given, and so such signs can be used for any goods of the same value.
  • Product benefit signs: These are signs that provide information on the benefits a customer can expect, if the product or service is purchased.
  • Promotional product signs:  These are small signs that look like price tags, placed on products. They contain usually the logo of the manufacturer or retailer, contact information and a tagline promoting the product.
  • Proud papa signs: – Proud papa signs draw attention to those parts of a retail establishment the management is most proud of and wants to show off.
  • Reminder signs: These signs do not directly sell, but remind customers of associated goods they may need. For example a reminder sign in or near the paint section of a hardware store could ask “Do You Need Brushes?”
  • Story Sign: Story signs give background information of a product such as where it is from, or how it was created. These signs require very careful wording because the information given may be interesting to some but not to others; it must therefore be made clear that reading the sign is not essential. Additionally, it should be as brief as possible, or else the customer may lose interest in both the sign and the product.
  • Testimonial sign: These signs repeat customer feedback on the excellent service received, or the high quality, or usefulness of products bought.
  • Threshold sign: These signs are placed within a few feet of the entrance of the store. They provide the latest information that may be of interest, and direct customers to where they can find special offers and so on.
  • Way finding Signs: These signs are used in large retail establishments to point to customers locations of products, for example “Toothpaste This Way.”
  • Window Graphics: These signs are graphics, placed in display windows to attract the attention of those passing by and lure them into the store.

The various types of signs listed in this post are meant to help you understand better how they attempt to increase customer interest and boost sales. As marketing and selling need to be more sophisticated and customer friendly, consider how these signs can be exploited to expand your business.

A professional signage company will be able to provide you with reliable inputs on the latest trends in signage. They will be happy to work with you to create the kind of signs that will bring prospective customers into your store and push your sales up. If you want professional results, you need to use trending signs made for you by professionals.