Friday, 23 September 2016

Latest Trends in Signage

Display advertizing has become more complex over time. Static display or signage steps up the game these days, as print marketers explore the full bandwidth of an online-integrated advertizing strategy.

Compared to online or print advertizing, where a whole lot of information can easily distract prospects, signage stays focused and has the power to make greater impact. This is why signage is indispensable from both utility and branding perspectives.

It remains the most effective medium of branding, as it uses messages that are intelligent, icons that are self-explanatory, and images that can entice. Listed below are a few rapid strides in signage trends and concepts, witnessed during the last two decades.

Interactive signage

Digital Signage has changed the face of display techniques and the current business perception of prospective clients and regular customers in general. Increasingly, business owners tend to use a mix of physical and digital signage, in order to derive maximum returns.

The older signage is used in the interiors, basements, car parks, foyers and all those locations that a customer is likely to frequent. Digital signage shines prominently in the exteriors of establishments to help customers identify the location, advertize its unique brand value to, and create a lasting impression on them.

Interactive digital signage (IDS) empowers greatly advertisers and marketers. One can create amazing multi-touch projects that are simultaneously displayable on multiple screens, across multiple locations. IDS systems are more user-friendly:  they provide a tech-savvy generation with familiar features like ‘touch’, ‘pinch’ or ‘zoom’ that are common to most designing software.

Interactive digital signage is ideal for high-impact marketing initiatives, events, businesses or even locations. For example, UK’s largest indoor digital signage screen is irresistibly arresting at Waterloo Station; it is massive as it measures nearly 40 meters, sweeping the entire length of the Waterloo Station Concourse.

Customizable displays

Customizable displays reflect the increasing need to port displays quickly across locations, or speed up the installation for events. They range from miniature bespoke stickers to a more comprehensive package that includes design, specification, manufacture, installation and maintenance. The latest software capable of heavy-duty processing is at the heart of their design.

Indoor/outdoor banners

Banners, one of the most efficient, cost-effective and popular instruments of advertising have also evolved over time. Poly, nylon, and flex face banners, in addition to the more prevalent and versatile vinyl banners find an increasing use today; they are trendy in a range of businesses including retail, hospitality, construction, and food & beverages.

These banners are available in a wide range of sizes and colors to suit your needs. Some of them such as vinyl banners are environment-friendly and ideal for businesses that have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Signage is one of the most time-honored and cost-effective alternatives to costly print advertizing. Experienced signage consultants and graphic designers can visit you for a free consultation and offer expert professional advice on options that are ideal for your business needs. Well-made signage goes indeed a long way in maximizing the ROI on your marketing spend.