Monday, 26 December 2016

Frames and Displays: Getting them Right

Business development of any company depends on signage – an integral part of its brand messaging or brand communication. Unlike other media and channels that are time- or space-bound and short-lived, signage is a permanent entity that heralds to the world 24x7 the organization and its business message; it triggers better memory recall and enhances impulse buying.

Frames and displays

A-frames and display boards are among the oldest forms of advertising and signage; they are used at the point-of-sales or point-of-purchase (POS/POP) across industry verticals and sizes of business.

Frame display boards find wide usage from restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, hotels, motels, and salons, to offices, factories and tourist locations. They are simply placed on sidewalks, or propped up on poles without much fuss.

They are thus very efficient and cost-effective. They can be used at all outdoor locations; their modern versions are spring loaded to prevent tipping over by strong gusts of wind.

They are in wide use indoors at hotels, conferences, symposiums, social gatherings, schools or colleges in the form of tripod displays in the lobby or main venue; they promote business or share secondary information that enhances the brand message.

Benefits of their use

Various surveys and studies conducted by, Bang Advertizing and What’s your Signage highlight the importance of on-premise signage systems such as frame display boards. According to their findings, such signage can achieve the following:

  • Alert prospects about your presence: In the small and medium business segment, 85% of the prospects targeted belong to the neighborhood.
  • Bring in new customers: Signage can attract passers-by effectively; as much as 35% would miss noticing your business unless there is catchy on-premise signage. A recent survey to find out how customers discovered a business revealed that about 50% of them were solely drawn by on-premise signage; 33% by word-of-mouth referrals; the rest by print and broadcast media.
  • Attract impulse buyers: One survey showed that 20 to 45% of window shoppers who passed by were impulse buyers. This is quite significant, considering the revenue payoffs that come from spending small amounts on signage.
  • Increase profits: Adding or changing pole signage, directional signage or plaza identity signage for retail businesses can increase revenues in the range of 8.6% to 15.6%.
Getting frames and displays right

  • Planning: Give yourself 2 to 3 weeks to come up with the right themes, draw the best designs, do error-free proofing and printing, and think of the most appropriate installation.
  • Format and location: Given the wide range of formats and locations available on your premise, map them precisely for maximum business impact.
  • Weather factor: Install wind- and rain-proof frame displays; factor as well the need to use tent pegs or cables to fasten them secure, so that they can withstand the worst of any weather condition.
  • Maintenance: Check the signage regularly for signs of damage or impact of weather and fix/replace them accordingly.
  • Transportation: If you need to use the frame display boards at other locations or events, move them with care, as slipshod transportation could lead to damage.
Frame display boards are easy to use and cost-effective as well. Invest in a professional signage agency and you can rest assured of excellent design and installation, and maximum returns.