Thursday, 23 March 2017

Business and Goodwill Promotion : Exploiting Window Graphics

The promises of global economy have created unprecedented opportunities for businesses worldwide. However, the vulnerable aspects are recessions, slowdowns and business disruptions due to economic crises in one or more parts of the world.

These are challenges for every kind of business, including small and medium businesses that play a dominant role in the local market. Such businesses have to project their offerings with a new accent in order to beat the competition, or augment their marketing efforts to widen the prospect funnel.

The need for window graphics

Below-The-Line (BTL) advertising strategy, which typically covers direct mail campaigns, trade shows, printed marketing collateral, search engine marketing, etc, addresses a larger cross-section of the prospects market. The success of such BTL campaigns depends on various tangible or intangible business parameters.

Passersby may constitute a small segment of the prospects market; however, they make up a very tangible segment; window graphics, a much-ignored marketing tactic addresses specifically this section.

Window graphics are typically stickers or decals stuck on glass windows/doors/partitions of storefronts; they can accomplish what the most prominent signboard cannot. Signboards can only carry the name, logo and tagline of the business.

Window graphics can advertise promotional offers; they can carry contact information and images of some of their offerings; they can display as well any important advertising message with potentials of conversion of passersby into regular customers.

Retail businesses desiring to stand out from the crowd are increasingly turning to window graphics, which can captivate passersby into the shop.

Advantages of window graphics

  • Inexpensive advertising:  Window graphics are less expensive than vehicle wraps or billboards. Imaginative and thought-provoking promotional messages through window graphics can spark off word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Brand recognition:  Visually rich and well-designed window graphics can subtly create brand imagery for the business and improve memory recall of prospects and customers.
  • Added privacy:  A well-designed window film addresses in interesting ways the problem of outside distraction or lack of privacy.

Dynamic advertizing: Window Graphics can be easily ripped and relocated/replaced; businesses can thus exploit seasonal demands to their advantage, and push hard promotions.

Trends in window graphics

  1. Complementing online presence: Businesses are experimenting with precious window space to project their image as digitally savvy. You can find these days QR Codes on window graphics to replicate online presence.
  2. Forming a large banner: Large vinyl banners, which carry interesting imagery and messages, can cover the entire storefront, including the window.  The storefront becomes thus one large billboard.
  3. Targeted messaging: As businesses become more customer-centric, a set of windows can carry a series of messages targeting specific customer segments.
  4. Product-centric marketing: New products and slow moving or costly ones already in the market can be promoted for an entire month by displaying their images on windows. This can be very effective in setting off more and more impulse buying on the part of customers.
  5. Creating faux decor: Window Graphics can be used to create on the passersby an impression of chic interiors. Interior and decor companies specialize in conjuring up a wow factor and thereby entice prospects into the showroom.

Window graphics may be a rather simple concept that anybody can try to exploit. Yet, it’s surprisingly underutilized, considering the lasting impact it can have. It would be best to engage a reputed professional signage company that can guide you on exciting options to harness window graphics for competitive business edge and enhanced footfall and revenues.