Thursday, 22 June 2017

Add some Punch to your Interiors with Vinyl Decals

Business and homeowners of today are keener than ever before in differentiating themselves. As the Internet shrinks the world, and social media highlight one’s signature lifestyle, homeowners and businesses are leaving no stone unturned in incorporating the latest trends into their decor.

Minimalistic trends in the recent past

Interestingly, the latest trends do not necessarily mean the most expensive trends. For example, minimalism is an enduring movement that is as popular with the rich and the famous as it is with the artistically inclined. Homeowners keep exploring simple and inexpensive, and yet highly effective means of improving the aesthetics of their homes.

A case in point is wall treatments. All of the following have been experimented with: expensive and large-sized canvas paintings, richly patterned tapestries, wall hangings, metal or ceramic art, wall paint in one or more colors, and wall paint in textured patterns.

Vinyl decals: features and benefits

A more popular trend in recent years is wall decals. These are vinyl stickers that can be ripped off an adhesive base and pasted on the wall, or ripped off the wall and replaced with a new one. These new décor elements combine the artistry of all of the above wall treatment options into a much simpler and inexpensive choice.

That explains why vinyl decals are inevitably ubiquitous today. Decals are in use everywhere: the walls of drawing, dining and bedroom spaces of homes; executive cabins and conference rooms of offices, hotels, restaurants and resorts; vehicles and sports equipment! Decals can transform even a small or simple enclosure, giving it a significant prominence.

Decals are made of high quality, interior-grade and removable vinyl with several advantages:

  • Ease of application: There is no preparation involved. The wall must have a smooth texture, must be painted more than a week earlier, and be absolutely dry with no seepage issues. There is no curing, drying, or cooling time and once applied, it is good to go. However, one should avoid self-application, as there can be warps and wrinkles. Professional signage companies have the necessary skills and techniques to apply the decal flawlessly.
  • Durability: Outdoor decals that bear the brunt of the elements have served well for 5 years and in some cases for 10 years. When used indoors, say on walls, their life span is 6 years and more.
  • Range of designs: While simple designs inspired by nature were popular in the initial years, homeowners today keep experimenting with artistic motifs from cultures around the world, or images of religious and cultural significance. Silhouette images of favorite icons are popular with younger customers.  
  • All sizes: While the smallest decal may be the size of one’s palm, the largest can occupy an entire wall or adjoining walls.
  • Colors: While black is popular because it contrasts with any wall color, people try out other colors, as well as multi-colored decals.
  • Self-provided design: Customers can either choose from a catalog or provide a design they appreciate: the décor company can create that decal design.
  • Self-art: You can even turn your self-created artwork into a decal you love.

Wall decals are here to stay for long because of their flexibility and convenience of use. Engage a professional signage company who can suggest various decal options for your home or business establishment and implement the same efficiently to your immense satisfaction.