Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How Monument Signs can Promote Your Business

As a business owner you know the importance of signage. You may have used everything from standard plastic and metal signs to high tech digital ones. One type of sign that is very effective is the monument sign. These are generally ground level signs that have a low profile with little space between the sign and the ground. As the name suggests, they are like monuments. They are usually made of metal, wood and masonry, and are meant to be permanent monuments to act as an ambassador of your business.

Monument signs are extremely versatile and functional, and can take almost any shape or form from built-up lettering to logos and artistic structures. The intended permanence of these signs conveys the message of permanence, quality and reliability of your business.

Many business owners do not fancy these signs thinking that they are not cost effective. That is a myth. A professional signage company, with expertise and experience in monument signs, will be able to produce economically-priced signs; they pay off the investment, in terms of increased business, in a surprisingly short period of time.

The Benefits

Consider these factors to understand better the advantages of monument signs:

  • They are weather resistant. A well-made monument sign should be able to accept whatever nature throws at it. In fact, the more it is subjected to the vagaries of weather, the stronger the impression of permanence it gives.
  • Most communities accept them, even those that have height restriction, as long as they do not clash with the surroundings.
  • Monument signs can be customized to be in compliance with all local ordinances.
  • They are low to the ground, which means they are in the direct line of vision of the passersby; they achieve thus much greater visibility.
  • Because they are typically different and more prominent than other types of signs, they attract more attention and create a longer-lasting impression on the viewer.
  • In many cases, they can be made from materials that are associated with the product being advertised. For example, a metalworking business could have a sign made of metal and a woodworks one of wood.
  • These signs can be used for individual businesses, shopping centers or professional services like a medical clinic.
  • Monument signs are never crowded together. Because of their size and the ground they occupy, local ordinances usually limit the number of monument signs that can be placed in an area; they stipulate the distance that must be maintained between them. If yours is the first such sign in a niche area of business, it will not be crowded around by those of your competitors.

It is not easy of course to make monument signs. It requires high levels of design capabilities along with expertise in working with a wide range of different materials. As important as the design is, the quality of the sign and its finish are critical. A monument sign is one that will last for a long time, in the same place, as a never-failing ambassador of your business.

A sign that looks rough and unfinished or one that deteriorates over time is a sad reflection on the business, service or product it is supposed to promote. Using the services of a professional signage company will ensure that your investment in a monument sign is one that will give the expected returns for generations.