Monday, 23 April 2018

Channel Letter Signage enhances your Brand Recall

Signage is an indispensable component in a commercial enterprise. Done correctly, signage can entice customers even from far, and complement the Marketing efforts. Signage also helps in memory recall, which is an important parameter in branding. This is why there are various signage options available to business owners in the US today. Among these, Channel Letter Signage has emerged as the most popular option in recent times.

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What are Channel Letter Signs (CLS)?

Channel Letter Signs derive their name from the fact that aluminum channels are used to fabricate the letters, numbers or symbols (collectively called ‘letters’) that make up the signage. Further, each letter has its own source of light for illumination, and appears like a channel of light. These signs provide a 3–dimensional effect and are hence also called as Dimensional Letter Signs. Further, Channel Letter Signs are quite flexible by design, and so you can experiment with different fonts, colors and sizes.

Channel letters are primarily made up of:

·    Face: this is a translucent sheet of acrylic, if there is a desire to illuminate the letters. Else, the face is an aluminum plate which can be painted in the desired colors. 

·   Trim cap: This is a mechanism to clasp the face to the body of the letter, usually made of a durable plastic.

·     Return: The sides of the letters, made of aluminum which is bent using CNC machines.

·      Back: Usually closed with an aluminum plate if it is regular illumination of the letters; else, if a halo effect kind of illumination is desired, the back is a translucent sheet of acrylic.

·      Lighting: LED lamps fitted inside the letters are the most popular option.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

·    Front-lit:With a LED-lamp inside, and a colored acrylic face outside, light emanates towards the viewer, making the letters glow.

·    Open-face: Instead of an acrylic face, the front is covered with plain plastic to keep pests away. As a result the interiors of the letter as well as the lamp are visible.

·   Reverse-lit: The face is a dark-colored acrylic or an aluminum sheet painted in a dark color. The back is a colored, translucent acrylic sheet, so that the light emanates out towards the background creating a halo effect around the letters.

·   Front-Reverse combine: When the signage has many letters and is fairly large in size as used on the top of multi-storeyed buildings, a combination of front-lit and reverse lit is used. In this case, both the front face and back are made of translucent acrylic sheets. 

When to Use

·     As one can imagine, Open-face is the most inexpensive and is ideal for smaller shops or eateries which do not require too much advertizing.

·  Front-reverse combination is costlier and is ideal for large companies, with offices in multi-storeyed buildings. The signage is typically atop the building or on the face of the building at a good height.

·    Front or Reverse lit signs cost in-between the above 2 types and are ideal for every other type of commercial enterprise.


Channel Letter Signage is more sophisticated looking compared to older types of signage, and can be a game-changer for small businesses. Engage the right agency and you can have a neat job done within your budget and timelines.