Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Easy Ways To Enhance Your Event Experience

When you are organizing an event or a part of it, you have a lot to think about it from a branding and signage point of view. Whether it is your banner, counter sign or kiosk, there are several ways to attract customers to your booth or event. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind, is the ease of finding signage and visual graphics that entice customers to your booth.

Image Courtesy: Pexels
Signage options to attract customers to your event:

Floor Graphics:
Floor graphics or Floor signs are an extremely effective way of catching customer attention. Whether it is a decal at the entrance or a set of arrows that lead them directly to you, these are often a first touch-point for customers and will leave a lasting impression. More importantly it makes things easier for the customers to find you.

Digital Signs:
Keep your audience informed with the help of digital directories or interactive displays.  Stand-alone kiosks or wall mounted screens can display multiple messages during your event. Giving regular and real-time updates on activities, event schedules, offers and other visitor information makes it much easier for a customer to come right to your kiosk, booth or event.  

Table Graphics:
Every office space, store space or facility has tables. These are great opportunities for you to showcase your brand and keep reinforcing your message. They also add life to otherwise dull tables and are wonderful differentiators. Watch, as you start seeing Instagram posts of your tables! They can also help identify areas of the office, and the use of those particular tables in a more personalised manner as required.

Structural Signs and Graphics:
Highlight the power of existing structures at the event venue. Whether it’s a wall, floor, staircase or elevator, these areas are often more crowded in any event. After all, everyone has to come through these to get to you. If you show people the way and direct them to your booth, you will surely see a tremendous improvement in leads generated at the event.

It is incredibly important that people should easily identify your event staff and security guards. Give your staff event-branded T-shirts, hats and badges so that attendees can easily find them, and know from whom to ask for help or directions if needed.

Window Graphics:
Window graphics can be used to extend branding to the exterior décor and can have a practical use in blocking the sun or areas that you don’t want outsiders to see. Displaying contact information and exhibiting products or service photographs in action can make your business find more reach.

Choosing the right mix of signage for your event:

Depending on whether your event is an outdoor or an indoor one, your options can vary. Weather also plays an important part if it is an outdoor event. Take care to thoroughly inspect the venue and identify the best options for signage placement. If the venue has multiple entry points, or if customers need to access the main area through staircases and elevators, then these areas are great vantage points. In the case of an outdoor event, you will have floor areas that can be emphasized with structural signs around the area, to maximize footfall.  

Multiple options exist while choosing the right mix of signage to improve your event experience. Opting for the right one begins with a clear understanding of the layout of the venue. Identify key areas where you can feature path-bearing signs to direct traffic to your event, booth or kiosk.