Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Five reasons for using digital banners

Banners are an important advertising technique that helps you in communicating your brand message to the audience. Traditionally, these signs were made from vinyl, paper or cloth that could be rolled up, allowing for simple removal and installation. But as you’ve probably guessed, technology has come a long way from the times in which organizations had to hand-stencil their signs. Today, we have digital banners that allow large-scale signs to showcase detailed and dynamic content in the most cost-effective way.

To give you a better understanding of why digital banners are an effective method of advertising and why they should be a major part of your business’s marketing strategy, we have put together five reasons why digital banner ads work:


Majority of the advertising exposure happens when the prospect’s attention is focused somewhere else, such as while driving or walking down the road. According to experts, even an incidental exposure to advertising, at this time, can have a positive effect on the attitude of consumers.  Banner ads have the ability to create a favorable attitude towards the advert because of repeated exposure.

Cost effective:

Outdoor banners are believed to be the most cost effective and popular ways to advertise. They are a powerful technique to attract attention and are perfect for a variety of marketing activities.

Digital banners are clear:

If you are looking to send out a message to the masses and want to get as many “eyes” on your message, then digital banners are the right way to go. Banners make an impact on the audience when nothing else can. For instance, while stuck in traffic, while waiting for someone on the street. A creative and humorous billboard offers that escape and if done properly, it can be an extremely powerful advertising technique.

You tell the world what you’re about:

There is a huge customer base out there for you to tap into. But, how can you do it? Simple, just search for a format that works best for you. A well-made digital banner placed outside your shop can give your prospects information about your business and highlight discounts or offers. This technique will attract the customer towards your business, helping you to talk to them even before they enter the building. You can think of digital banners as a silent sales team.


Digital banners are all about quick installation, versatility and removal. A permanent digital display can be used to announce an endless string of information. And as HD screens and high-end software applications are being developed simultaneously, digital signs have taken off with unbelievable speed.

These advantages should be able to provide you with an understanding why banner ads work. With the right creation and planning of a digital banner campaign, you can have an extremely positive effect on the marketing efforts of your business. Banner ads permit you to reach thousands of customers at a comparatively low cost.  However, remember that digital banner ads are only one of the several elements that go into the creation of a successful marketing campaign.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tips to buy magnetic car signs

Whether you want to display your services, company logo or name on the side of your vehicle, magnetic signs are one of the best ways to advertise your business. Here is how to buy the right magnetic signs for your vehicle:

Decide on a size

Start off by deciding what size of signs you’ll like to get made. Magnetic signs can be as tiny as a business card or as big as one whole side of your car or van. Certainly, the larger the graphic, the more it will cost to produce. Measure up the size of the area where you’ll like your magnetic signs to be used, and order accordingly.

Get in touch with local providers

Get in touch with local print shops and ask them if they manufacture magnetic signs. If so, discuss about the technology they use for printing and if they have the ability to include a photograph or logo on the sign. Make sure to confirm what layout they accept logos in. Apart from this, ask the designers to show you the final design before printing -- this will give you the time to check the sign for any errors before it is actually manufactured.


The materials that magnetic signs are printed on come in different quality and gauges. Thicker-gauge and higher-quality material is more durable and sticks better. Such signs will cost more, but their longevity is worth the money.

Wax your vehicle

Before using magnetic signs on your vehicle, make sure you have a fresh coat of wax on the automobile. Removing magnetic signs can scrape the paint. Also, when sending the vehicle to car wash, make sure the signs are removed. You must also take off the signs if you’re planning to park the vehicle in a single spot for too long.

When designing your magnetic signs, be sure to include important information, especially your company's phone number, in large print. Also, choose colors that are attractive to the eye. It is best to use brighter hues for background or lettering. Remember, a magnetic sign on your vehicle is also a reflection of your business. So, make sure you drive carefully.

As technology continues to expand and evolve, the attention span of an average person is shortened. Grabbing attention while on the go is one of the best ways to enhance advertising opportunities. Put up a magnetic sign on your vehicle to give your business another way to display its services, products, and contact information. However, make sure you invest in a good sign making company so that your graphics are attractive and of the best quality. If you’re looking for local sign makers in California, the best way to search for them is to research online. There are plenty of forums and directories that list reputed companies and the rates they charge for their services. Most sign makers also have their own websites that display their work and other related information. However, in case the internet doesn’t work for you, you can also ask family and friends for suggestions.