Monday, 23 January 2017

Vehicle Graphics : Why It Matters

Marketing and advertising needs vary from business to business. While product companies in the high-tech sector prefer more online and social advertising, those in other sectors prefer billboards and a combination of print and online advertising. Here, the unique features of a product become the focal point of advertising. Such information is required when one is decided about buying the product.

Service companies are a whole new ball game; the differentiators here are more subtle and are built around brand perceptions of the service. It makes more sense to keep pushing the brand name in multiple channels. Given that people need service businesses all the time, improving brand recall this way can drive sales growth. Vehicle graphics is precisely one such outdoor mode of advertising that helps improve memory recall.

Vehicle graphics and their types

Vehicle graphics are the most effective means of advertising a service on a moving vehicle such as a car, truck and bus; they vary in size, price and material used.

  • Vehicle lettering: This uses a small number of vinyl pieces or vinyl sheets on which the company logo, message, or an image is printed digitally and then pasted on to the vehicle. This takes less time to create or apply, and costs less.
  • Vehicle Graphics: Vehicle graphics, although a generic name also refers to the combination of painted letters and decals (stickers) made of digitally printed vinyl sheet; they are then cut into desired shapes, or cut out from one single vinyl sheet. After the paint dries, the vinyl pieces are cut and then pasted one after another. This takes a little more time than vehicle lettering and is costlier.
  • Auto-wraps: Auto-wraps are at the top end where both cost and time-to-apply are much more. Here, entire or partial body wraps made of vinyl are printed using large-format printers. Highly skilled technicians apply them on the vehicle carefully. This is necessary as the vinyl can shrink or wrinkle at places if not applied properly.

Benefits of vehicle graphics

  • Reach a larger audience: Vehicle graphics impinge on the memory of a lot more people and are equivalent to 40000-60000 impressions per day of other formats of advertising.
  • Non-intrusive yet effective advertising: Vehicle ads are observed voluntarily, unlike TV ads that frustrate viewers to the point of tuning them off, or print ads that can be ignored altogether.
  • Mobile, not static: Because they are mobile not static, vehicle ads come into the vision of prospects more often than other types of advertising in many business sectors.
  • Cost-effective: After the one-time expense, you can use and reuse vehicle ads several times at no cost, compared to TV or print ads that can be prohibitively costly.
  • Get local: With vehicle ads, local businesses can reach prospects much better and faster, unlike newspaper ads or inserts.
  • Free of restrictions: While billboards, print, and TV ads come with umpteen restrictions, vehicle ads give your business complete freedom to experiment, at no additional cost. Protect the vehicles: The vinyl wrap is quite durable and lasts long. Furthermore, it protects the vehicle from scratches, fumes, and the extremities of weather.

Vehicle Graphics bring enormous returns on the marketing spend, both in the short and long runs. You would do well to engage the services of a professional agency that will create stunning visuals and crisp copy, to make your vehicle graphics more effective.