Monday, 20 April 2015

4 Rules for Effective Signs

Signs are among the most effective ways of increasing business volumes. They not only tell people where you are and what your business is, they also provide reasons why the people reading them should give their business to you. Because they are so cost effective and long lasting, your competition is probably using them too. So how do you make your signs stand out from the pack and ensure that they are the most effective?

Here are the 4 key factors in creating effective signs:
  1. The sign should be easily visible, even from a distance. That requires the colors, lettering and the background do not clash and that the text stands out and is easy to read. The font should also be clear and legible. The thumb rule in regard to font size is that 1 inch of letter height is required for every 10 feet of reading distance. In other words, it is important not to clutter up a sign with excess verbiage. Trying to fit too much information in a small space can backfire as it becomes too difficult for the viewer to read it.  If graphics or pictures are being used in the sign, it must be ensured that they do not overshadow the text, which is where the important information is.

  2. The content of the sign should be organized in a way that it conveys the intended message. Bold typefaces, larger fonts and colors should be used to highlight key words and phrases. If a sign contains more than one concept or message, these should be grouped in a logical manner with the layout and spacing such that each message/issue makes sense both on its own and as part of a whole.  As already stated, care must be taken not to put too much information in one sign so that reading it does not become such an effort for the viewer that he/she gives up half way through. Ideally, a sign should convey one message in a clear and memorable manner.

  3. There should be some design elements (shape, color, lighting, etc.) that will make the sign stand out from those around it. Changeable components, an unusual design and motion are a few of the ways to ensure this.

  4. The type of font used is very important. It should match the image of the business and product that the sign is for. A highly ornate font may look attractive, but would it be right for something like a hardware store. Or would a simple, more businesslike font be more in line with the products? 

    You know your business best. But you are probably not an expert in the specialized field of using signs to enhance your business. That is why contacting a professional sign making company to design and create your signs is very important. They will be able to provide you with options that a lay person in signage may not be aware of. For example, a certain style or type of sign may be more effective for some applications than for others. Or some types of signs may work better at some locations. Signs can be the most cost effective way of promoting your business and increasing sales, but only if they are used properly. A professional signage company will ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.