Sunday, 19 February 2017

What You Need to Know About Lobby Signage

As trade and business everywhere go global, organizations are under intense pressure to brand and project themselves with a compelling edge. In a recessionary economy where margins are falling, organizations cannot but examine every aspect of their business for better performance and acquisition of larger customer base.

The ambience of business premises is an area, which is increasingly coming under focus. This calls for intelligent and imaginative experimentation rather than costly makeovers. Front office signage accommodates such experimentation with reassuring outcomes.

How lobbies can create best impressions

The reception and lobby spaces of a company are the first point of business interaction with clients and prospects. You can exploit this area to achieve for your business the following:

  • Establish authority: A neat, clean, stylish and well-maintained lobby announces to the world that you are in solid business for the long run, and that you value professionalism.
  • Establish clarity: At large offices with numerous departments, signage and wall art can provide clear directional clues and help visitors navigate your office quickly with ease.
  • Foster brand identity: Brand logos and colors provide you with immense possibilities for rich business imagery, effective slogans, arresting taglines, and useful information that reinforce brand recall in prospects.
  • Display laurels: The lobby area provides the right stage to display awards and accolades your company has won, which you can highlight with additional vital information.
  • Market offerings: You can display in the lobby brochures, videos, sales scripts and other marketing collateral of your company. You can thus project efficiently your products and desired offerings.

Lobby signage as a huge differentiator

The impact of lobby signage becomes quite effective when all the functions and benefits listed above go nicely hand in hand. Having evolved through time keeping with advances in décor and material options, lobby signage has been in vogue for nearly half a century.

Simple plastic or metal nameplates were one of the earliest forms of lobby signage. Today, cost-effective metal finish laminates have replaced real metal. Foam letters are a popular option if you want to create an embossed effect of the lettering. The face of foam letters can be plain or digitally printed in striking patterns and colors.

Acrylic panels are very handy when logos, captions and imagery need to be projected as three dimensional with layered paneling. Acrylic letters can combine the utility values of all these varieties; they have remained therefore the number one option in recent years.  

The future is that of digital signage, which has already made inroads into hundreds of offices and commercial establishments all over the world.  

Lobby signs: dos and don’ts

  1. Avoid extremely colorful signage, which can be distracting and cheapening your brand identity.
  2. Ensure a prominent placement of the signage in the lobby; it should be neither obstructed nor obstructing.
  3. Avoid in the lobby bright lights that reflect on the signage and irritate the visitors seated there.
  4. Match the size of the signage letters with the lobby space: they should be neither too small to read nor too large to be distracting.
  5. For greater aesthetic effect and variety, experiment with multiple signage structure and medium.

To achieve the maximum benefit and impact of your lobby signage, you would do well to engage a reputed professional signage agency that can design and develop the best signage for your business.