Thursday, 26 December 2013

Attracting Customers and enhancing Foot Traffic to a Store

When you’re trying to attract more customers by enhancing foot traffic your focus should mainly be on your outer presentation.  Here are some tips that should help you lure people in to perhaps becoming customers:

Make A Display For that Window:

If your shop is located in a popular destination that attracts a lot of foot traffic, then create an attractive window graphic that tells your store’s story. The decal should be your invitation to the people passing by. A creative window display promotes impulse sales.

Rolling Out the Red carpet for the customers:

Hoteliers and restaurateurs know there is nothing that shouts “Special” than a red carpet treatment. A simple red mat in a high traffic area, with “Welcome” on it, attracts people to the store. 

Put Your Best Product Out Front!

If you are an automobile dealer then wheeling out your best products in front of your storeroom is a great idea. Nothing grabs the eye of speeding customers faster than a huge display of a glossy new vehicle. And if the vehicle displayed is a luxury sedan everyone dreams of buying then you are sure to get a lot of inquiries. This also works well for a garden center with an impressive display.

Frames for the Parkway:

Lightweight signs are used often by real estate agents for open houses as they are reasonably priced. They can be pushed into the surface to stand about 3 feet high. These are a good idea to get the message out for limited time promotion. Some light weight signs are sturdier than others but they cannot take too much wind. 

Portable signs:

Using a portable curb sign gives a store’s message a very professional look. This important tool can be used for displaying high quality color graphics to stick out from the competitors. These signs are weatherproof with a stand that can be filled with sand, anti-freeze or water.

Planting and landscaping:

Spending some cash on the landscaping around the store or restaurant is a great idea.  The abundance of flora attracts the customer’s eye. In case you have nothing but sidewalks in front, plant some pots with bright red geraniums and make sure they’re watered and well maintained. 

Balloons for decoration:

Balloons are a reasonable way to give attention and movement to a business.  If your business premise has railing, make use of that. If you have no place to tie the balloons, you can utilize cinder-blocks placed flat to attach the strings from the holes.  Be sure to make use of plenty of balloons and replace them regularly as helium tends to deflate in the sun.

Ways That Keep Customers from coming in:

Sign Boys

There is nothing more desperate than an individual with a red arrow sign at the sidewalk pointing towards the business.  The store may get the attention but the customers will be left with a bad impression. This is because the people chosen for such duty are normally the saddest, bored individuals.

Junk Store

Stocking the old sale merchandise of a business at the sidewalk appears like a garage sale.  People who drive past will judge you by the product you have chosen to represent your company out front, i.e. things that did not sell and you decided to put them up for sale.

These are not all the ways through which you can attract customers inside a store and get the foot traffic but they can certainly give you a head start without excessive cash outlay. There are several sign makers in California you can contact for your A-frame requirements or to get your window decals customized as per your needs.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Increasing Restaurant Sales during Christmas

There are two main ways through which a restaurant increases sales: getting customers to buy more or bringing in new customers. Smart restaurateurs find ways to do both. There are plenty of ways that can help an owner increase sales during Christmas. Here are some tips that can go a long way in enhancing sales:

This is the time for shopping – handing out flyers or menus in front of the stores nearby is a great way to attract hungry shoppers to the restaurant. The owner can work with local retailers to offer some promotional discount to customers – customers can bring the flyer in to receive special offers.

Use parties as a medium to advertise- It is also the season when people socialize.  Most businesses hold team lunches and holiday parties.  Sending catering menus and samples to nearby offices, helps attract workers to the restaurant for parties, dinners and lunches. It is also a great idea to pay event organizers to market the business with advertising signs.

Increase frequency of existing customers:  Give them a reason to come back again soon- seasonal menus can attract a lot of attention as they offer something exciting and wintery that customers can’t usually get. It is best to bring in new menu boards that have a flavor of the holidays. The owner can use Christmassy colors and decoration. This adds to the festive feeling.

Apart from this, introducing a changing but recurring theme for the season every week till the holidays is a great idea. Customers are sure to come back for more when they see exclusiveness.

Increasing the overall visibility:

- This is the right time to take out gift cards to pull in new customers. In fact, offering free gift cards with the purchase of other items is a lucrative marketing technique that tends to fetch a lot of repeat sales.  This is because it will get the customer to come back again.

- Seasonal drinks such as spiked hot chocolates and pumpkin lattes look and smell good –the owner must be sure there are visible signs in the restaurant for that. Outdoor illuminated signs displaying season specials are sure to catch the attention of the passersby.  

- Passing out free samples of a warming or seasonal appetizer while customers wait to get seated or are waiting to order also tempts for an extra order.

-Using the windows to the fullest: restaurant windows can also be utilized for the purpose of marketing. The owner can put up full size window decals in a variety of different ways to familiarize passersby about the restaurant’s specialty.

Delivery vans and decals:

There is nothing more successful for twenty-four hour advertising than a mobile billboard. The fleet of delivery vehicles can be decked with car decals displaying the restaurant’s contact information and its unique selling point. The vehicles can act as billboards whether on road or when parked at the curb. 

December is the time for friends, family, holiday shopping and parties.  This is also when businesses need to be sure that their restaurants are in the minds of their customers for everything “holiday” this year. For that matter, it is important for the owners to get creative with their menu and signage and get a precise plan in place before the season begins. It is best to get in touch with reputed sign making and advertising companies that can cater to specific requirements and needs. There are several providers in California that offer the most diverse and high quality signs at reasonable prices.  Apart from this, California also boasts of numerous talented advertising firms that restaurateurs can use for developing strategy.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Popularity of Channel Letters

Channel Letters are one of the most popular forms of lettering for outdoor and indoor advertising. They are extremely attractive three dimensional, individually designed and cut figures/letters that are the future of branding, particularly for image conscious businesses. These signs can be fixed to a wall or any other illuminated or un-illuminated structure. The owner can rest assured that the letters won’t chip, dent, fade or corrode easily.

Reasons behind the popularity of Channel Letters:

Ø  Channel letters are popular because they are available in a variety of colors and faces. They can also be obtained in several styles including Times fonts and Helvetica.
Ø  These signs are flame resistant and cannot be arched. The main reason behind this is the latest injection molded plastic body that offers complete protection from arching and flames.
Ø  Channel letters require minimum to no maintenance, once mounted on a wall or on any other structure. Hence, they are extremely cost effective.
Ø  They are very easy to install and are available in a range of acrylic face colors.
Ø  The signs can work 24 hours a day without any hassle.
Ø  They are easily visible from long distances
Ø  Such letters are drilled easily for installation and come pre-primed for easy painting.

The Various Types of Channel Letters:

There are essentially three types of channel letters:

Ø  Standard letters
Ø  Reverse letters
Ø  Letters with 'open' faces

Standard letters are believed to be the most popular and are created from U-channel base and colored Plexiglas faces. Reverse Letters, on the other hand, have metal faces and a plastic backing. These signs do not touch the surface when mounted and look exceptionally beautiful at night. The third kind of channel letter is the one with an 'open' face. Open since raw neon is kept uncovered so that it remains visible.

Channel letters can easily be customized to meet the desired specifications of a business, without having to compromise in effectiveness and quality. These signs can easily be made to compliment the architecture of a building.

Method of installation:

Letters can be mounted directly on the wall, or on a rectangle box known as a raceway. Signs that are mounted individually look more attractive in comparison to raceway mounted. However, raceway mounted is a lot cheaper and easy to install. Individually lettering generally takes time as it needs to be done one letter at a time on the wall.

Laws Pertaining to Sign installation:

One of the things that need to be considered before using these signs is the laws that govern business signage. These laws speak on things such as the material, size of the signs, energy usage, illumination, and installation and placement requirements. Local communities, too, may have additional zoning laws regarding signs. Businesses must make sure to check the local laws in the area before taking their final decision on signage system. It is not advised to go against regulations.

When a business is looking to advertise using Channel letters it becomes extremely important that it collaborates with experienced manufacturers who have the technical experience and expertise to handle an assignment professionally. This is done to make sure the signage serves the owner for several years without him having to sustain maintenance costs. One of the best ways to find out about good providers is by researching about them over the internet. Most sign makers in California have their own websites that display their work and experience. An efficient and good supplier of these channel letters should be able to offer a vast variety including, face-lighted letters, fabricated aluminum letters, back-lighted letters, LED, customized logos, neon channel letters, and the like.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Why Choose LED Displays for Advertisement

If you are looking for exterior signs for your company, you have probably come across LED displays, also known as Electronic Message Centers, LED signs, and the like. What are LEDs? Light emitting diodes are unique diodes that emanate light when they light up with the electron movement inside the semi-conductor chips. LED technology is becoming the preferred source of lightning quickly because it provides several benefits’ over traditional light sources. Here are few of the advantages of choosing this technology for the exterior sign needs of a business:

The various Advantages of using LED:

Ø  LEDs for illuminating signs are extremely durable and can be used for thousands of hours.
Ø  LEDs tend to radiate a "cold light", i.e., they generate a lot less heat in comparison to other technologies. This in turn means less wastage.
Ø  LEDs are extremely energy efficient. They use up less energy to generate brighter displays that tend to create greater flexibility and readability of use than conventional billboards and signs. While the initial cost may be a little higher up depending on the chosen options, the price of running such signs is minimal in comparison to other kinds of signs.
Ø  LEDs are created in a variety of different colors, and with proper mixing schemes that generate millions of colors.
Ø  LEDs are very cheaply priced, making these displays very affordable. In fact, if bought from wholesalers, these lights are available at dirt cheap prices.
Ø  LED signs that are resistant to weather and low in maintenance are available through leading distributors.
Ø  LEDs offer attractive moving messages that communicate a message instantly and command attention.
Ø  Some of the suppliers also offer eco green feature that is environmentally friendly and permits you to manage the brightness of lights, saving costs and energy.
Ø  Modern light boxes are a lot slimmer than the conventional fluorescent boxes. Due to this, they take up a lot less space, sticking out a lot less from the wall and are more appropriate for use in constricted spaces like hallways and corridors.
Ø  Modern LED light boxes are extremely easy to access. Hence, posters can be changed efficiently and quickly. In-house LED displays can have snap frames or simple magnetic frames. The ones for external usage can also have secure fastening or a lock so that only authorized members can access the poster.
Ø  Another thing about LED signage is that they are very easy to maintain. LEDs hardly ever burn out.

Whether an individual owns a restaurant, a bar, a store, or any other business, advertising is extremely important. And being able to attract people walking by can be done by effective signage. LED signs have come a long way in offering people a cost effective medium to market.

These days, LED signs are available in thousands of different sizes and color options. From traditional scrolling text LED signage to huge signs that can be seen from several feet, these signs are a fantastic way to endorse a service or a product. LED technology has certainly enhanced in the last few years. In fact these signs come with technology where they can even display full motion videos, and several text effects and graphics. There is almost countless number of hues available, and these signs can be created from both outdoor and indoor applications.

However, when getting them made, it is important to hire a reputed sign making company. Good sign makers use the best material and the most creative ways to design light boards. These signs are not only well made but are also capable of attracting people who see them.