Friday, 29 November 2013

The Popularity of Channel Letters

Channel Letters are one of the most popular forms of lettering for outdoor and indoor advertising. They are extremely attractive three dimensional, individually designed and cut figures/letters that are the future of branding, particularly for image conscious businesses. These signs can be fixed to a wall or any other illuminated or un-illuminated structure. The owner can rest assured that the letters won’t chip, dent, fade or corrode easily.

Reasons behind the popularity of Channel Letters:

Ø  Channel letters are popular because they are available in a variety of colors and faces. They can also be obtained in several styles including Times fonts and Helvetica.
Ø  These signs are flame resistant and cannot be arched. The main reason behind this is the latest injection molded plastic body that offers complete protection from arching and flames.
Ø  Channel letters require minimum to no maintenance, once mounted on a wall or on any other structure. Hence, they are extremely cost effective.
Ø  They are very easy to install and are available in a range of acrylic face colors.
Ø  The signs can work 24 hours a day without any hassle.
Ø  They are easily visible from long distances
Ø  Such letters are drilled easily for installation and come pre-primed for easy painting.

The Various Types of Channel Letters:

There are essentially three types of channel letters:

Ø  Standard letters
Ø  Reverse letters
Ø  Letters with 'open' faces

Standard letters are believed to be the most popular and are created from U-channel base and colored Plexiglas faces. Reverse Letters, on the other hand, have metal faces and a plastic backing. These signs do not touch the surface when mounted and look exceptionally beautiful at night. The third kind of channel letter is the one with an 'open' face. Open since raw neon is kept uncovered so that it remains visible.

Channel letters can easily be customized to meet the desired specifications of a business, without having to compromise in effectiveness and quality. These signs can easily be made to compliment the architecture of a building.

Method of installation:

Letters can be mounted directly on the wall, or on a rectangle box known as a raceway. Signs that are mounted individually look more attractive in comparison to raceway mounted. However, raceway mounted is a lot cheaper and easy to install. Individually lettering generally takes time as it needs to be done one letter at a time on the wall.

Laws Pertaining to Sign installation:

One of the things that need to be considered before using these signs is the laws that govern business signage. These laws speak on things such as the material, size of the signs, energy usage, illumination, and installation and placement requirements. Local communities, too, may have additional zoning laws regarding signs. Businesses must make sure to check the local laws in the area before taking their final decision on signage system. It is not advised to go against regulations.

When a business is looking to advertise using Channel letters it becomes extremely important that it collaborates with experienced manufacturers who have the technical experience and expertise to handle an assignment professionally. This is done to make sure the signage serves the owner for several years without him having to sustain maintenance costs. One of the best ways to find out about good providers is by researching about them over the internet. Most sign makers in California have their own websites that display their work and experience. An efficient and good supplier of these channel letters should be able to offer a vast variety including, face-lighted letters, fabricated aluminum letters, back-lighted letters, LED, customized logos, neon channel letters, and the like.

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