Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Increasing Restaurant Sales during Christmas

There are two main ways through which a restaurant increases sales: getting customers to buy more or bringing in new customers. Smart restaurateurs find ways to do both. There are plenty of ways that can help an owner increase sales during Christmas. Here are some tips that can go a long way in enhancing sales:

This is the time for shopping – handing out flyers or menus in front of the stores nearby is a great way to attract hungry shoppers to the restaurant. The owner can work with local retailers to offer some promotional discount to customers – customers can bring the flyer in to receive special offers.

Use parties as a medium to advertise- It is also the season when people socialize.  Most businesses hold team lunches and holiday parties.  Sending catering menus and samples to nearby offices, helps attract workers to the restaurant for parties, dinners and lunches. It is also a great idea to pay event organizers to market the business with advertising signs.

Increase frequency of existing customers:  Give them a reason to come back again soon- seasonal menus can attract a lot of attention as they offer something exciting and wintery that customers can’t usually get. It is best to bring in new menu boards that have a flavor of the holidays. The owner can use Christmassy colors and decoration. This adds to the festive feeling.

Apart from this, introducing a changing but recurring theme for the season every week till the holidays is a great idea. Customers are sure to come back for more when they see exclusiveness.

Increasing the overall visibility:

- This is the right time to take out gift cards to pull in new customers. In fact, offering free gift cards with the purchase of other items is a lucrative marketing technique that tends to fetch a lot of repeat sales.  This is because it will get the customer to come back again.

- Seasonal drinks such as spiked hot chocolates and pumpkin lattes look and smell good –the owner must be sure there are visible signs in the restaurant for that. Outdoor illuminated signs displaying season specials are sure to catch the attention of the passersby.  

- Passing out free samples of a warming or seasonal appetizer while customers wait to get seated or are waiting to order also tempts for an extra order.

-Using the windows to the fullest: restaurant windows can also be utilized for the purpose of marketing. The owner can put up full size window decals in a variety of different ways to familiarize passersby about the restaurant’s specialty.

Delivery vans and decals:

There is nothing more successful for twenty-four hour advertising than a mobile billboard. The fleet of delivery vehicles can be decked with car decals displaying the restaurant’s contact information and its unique selling point. The vehicles can act as billboards whether on road or when parked at the curb. 

December is the time for friends, family, holiday shopping and parties.  This is also when businesses need to be sure that their restaurants are in the minds of their customers for everything “holiday” this year. For that matter, it is important for the owners to get creative with their menu and signage and get a precise plan in place before the season begins. It is best to get in touch with reputed sign making and advertising companies that can cater to specific requirements and needs. There are several providers in California that offer the most diverse and high quality signs at reasonable prices.  Apart from this, California also boasts of numerous talented advertising firms that restaurateurs can use for developing strategy.

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