Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ways to Improve your Grocery Store Signs

Grocery stores offer an extensive range of products for their customers. Therefore, to make navigation easy, signs are placed at different corners of the store. While some signs list the items found in a specific aisle, others inform customers about promotional items or locally grown goods. Making sure that your signage is helpful and appropriate helps your grocery store attract more customers and provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

Talk to Customers

The best feedback you can get is through your customers. Ask them what they’ll like for sign sizes, colors, designs, lettering, and locations. Make a note of the most common style and color preferences. Apart from this, request your customers to suggest sign location. Find out if they prefer floor signs or hanging signs.

Remember, your signs should be written in attention grabbing, bold color and text. Keep the information brief and easily readable, and include prices and product names. Also, the color you choose must stand out and at the same time should not overwhelm the customer.

Choose the Right Material

Find out which material will best suit your needs. Every store has a different personality, so the sign material you choose should vary according to the environment you want to create. Normally, grocery store signs look good in plastic or wood. However, the size should vary. Smaller stores should stick to smaller signs, to avoid overwhelming customers. Large stores, on the other hand, need prominent signs due to the higher square footage involved.

Keep it Uniform

Make sure you decide on a unifying theme for your signs. Do not use different materials for different departments.

Use Outdoor Signs

Put up signs at your store front to attract more customers. These signs can promote particular items, sales or other specialties that make the store different. One of the best forms of outdoor signs is chalkboards. You can easily draw imagery or list your best products on these traditional but creative mediums.

Include Shelf Signs

Shelf signs display numbers, item descriptions, and prices. They are fixed to the edge of each shelf and make shopping extremely easy for customers. Many grocery stores also add barcodes to these signs for inventory purposes.

Signs Over Food Items

It is a good idea to put up signs over food items on display. This helps customers differentiate between items that are fresh and local from the ones that have been transported from far flung areas.

Contact a Sign Making Company

Sign makers do not just manufacture your signs but also help you design your signage from scratch. Due to their experience and expertise, they can help you decide which material and style will best suit the personality of your store.
From handmade signs to state-of-the-art materials, grocery store displays have come a long way. By doing some research and getting a sign maker on board, you can certainly come up with winning strategies that will help you attract repeat customers and increase business.

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