Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to market your business during the holidays?

Holiday marketing is one of the best ways to boost sales during an otherwise slow year. Every entrepreneur should come up with seasonal promotions to market their business, irrespective of what service or product they sell. Here are a few great ways to market your services and products during the season:

Market your online business offline

If you work from home, it is almost impossible to serve the local market. However, most home based online businesses can benefit from advertising on the ground. Market your services within your community and nearby areas. You can also take part in fairs and holiday events organized by non-profit organizations, business associations, and others.

Apart from this, make your business stand out by hosting special events in your community. Use the time to showcase your services and products so customers can get an idea of what you have to offer. You can also keep little holiday Knick knacks as giveaways– to get visitors in the holiday spirit. Apart from this, you can also gift special coupons that customers can use to get discounts on your web store.

The holidays are the best setting because you get to meet so many people at once.

Offer discounts

Most people shop for others during the holiday season and love to get great deals. Hence, prepare yourself ahead of time to offer discounts that customers can’t ignore. This will help you enhance your customer base and even gain loyalty from repeat customers.

Be available

Holidays are not the time to take time off. Make sure you’re available to avoid losing out on substantial income opportunity. In fact, extend your working hours when advertising your business. Let customers know that you want to make their lives easy by staying open after business hours. You don't want potential customers to go to your competition because you were not available during a crucial time in their lives.

Use advertising signs

Besides using online marketing, you also need to set in motion an offline marketing plan with the help of advertising signs. From plain to a little complicated, your signage can be configured to represent the holidays, as they come. If you have a physical address, make sure you decorate your windows with holiday charms. Put up A-frames displaying the massive discounts on offer. Also, in case you have a substantial advertising budget, use it on mobile advertising and billboard marketing for maximum exposure.

It is wise to hire a professional sign making company to create your holiday advertising signs. These providers have the experience and skill to come up with unique designs and colors for your campaign.

The holiday season is not the time to take it easy. Follow the aforementioned ideas and you'll easily be able to keep up with or beat your competition. However, business owners and marketers are people, too. They of course should also spend time with their friends and families to celebrate the festivities. The key is to balance it all out.

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