Friday, 10 July 2015

Why use Signs

Signs have been an age old marketing technique, and as a business owner, you may be wondering in a technological age such as ours, “Are signs worth it?” The truth remains that signage is still one of the most effective marketing strategies to this day. And here is why.

First off, signs are so widespread that consumers seemingly don’t notice them. It is almost as though they don’t notice them unless they are seeking out a particular business. However, this is a reason why signage is so effective. Consumers don’t consciously recognize that they are noticing and reading all these signs when as a matter of fact, the messages on these signs are tucking themselves away in their back of the minds, waiting for the right moment to be recalled. Plus, it is proven that almost everyone reads signs including small children.

Additionally, signs act as guideposts to your business. Some people will see it as they are driving or walking by and be drawn into your business on a whim. While new people in the area or visitors will want to a taste of local life and seek out small businesses such as yours while they are driving around. If placed in the right place, your sign will attract new customers frequently. Good places include high traffic and visual places, as well as large community events. This is especially beneficial if you are located in a building that is tucked away from major streets, since your business sign should effectively convey your business’s image, product or service, name, and location. Think of the large billboards located prior to freeway exits indicating that their restaurants or gas stations are located in the next few exits. Travelers’ often take note and make the stop. Your sign could do the same.

Signs automatically reach your target consumer population. Your sign may narrow its audience through design aspects, such as choices of color or typeface. The reason they automatically reach your target consumers is based on location. Only locals or people within the area who would be capable of visiting your business will see the sign, therefore you are not wasting money that might not reach the correct population.

Speaking of money, signs are a cost effective way of marketing. They are cost effective and with the correct strategic placement offer almost guaranteed results. On top of that, signs provide constant advertisement, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to your target audience.

So when looking into marketing for your business, put signage on your list. Now that you have been convinced, it is time to design your sign. Ensure that it represents your business well and conveys everything you need to about your business. Then make it to appealing to the eyes, check out previous blog posts, and you’re on your way to more and more business!

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