Sunday, 12 July 2015

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering

The old saying “Word of Mouth is the easiest way to advertise,” couldn’t be less true these days. With the ability to have vehicles customized, this now presents businesses with a faster and more convenient way to advertise with little to no effort on their part. If for example, you are a repair service you can now not only place your company logo on your company vehicles, but advertise your services. It’s almost impossible to go somewhere and not see a company vehicle that displays the name, contact information, location and the services they offer on the side. This is a cost-effective way in which you can advertise.

For businesses that are located in high traffic area’s this is especially beneficial for a few primary reasons.
  • Stop lights- Any time a vehicle is stuck for a prolonged period at a stop light, the driver’s attention off wonders to the things around them devoting their full attention. Therefore, when they see a vehicle with writing on it, they’re more likely to read it—sometimes more than once.
  • Traffic Jams- Much like a stop light, for anyone who has been involved in a traffic jam knows that they’re not going anywhere for a while and there is little that can be done about it. It’s only natural when a vehicle pulls up in front of you or beside you that you’ll find yourself remembering and reading the information out of pure boredom. While some may think this isn’t too important, it’s not only attracted a possible consumer’s attention, but allowed them to sublimely commit that information to brain for possible future use.
  • Children- It goes without saying that children are like sponges, they absorb information easily and can retain it for long periods of time. Therefore, it’s only natural if they see a vehicle with an advertisement not only are they going to read it, but if it’s something they realize you have a need for or they have a desire for, they’re going to approach their parents with the information.
  • No extra training require- Not only can you advertise on your own vehicles, but this type of advertisement won’t cost you any extra money in which you have to train someone or pay them do what you’ve got a car or truck doing for you anyway. This means big savings!
If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of having a semi-permanent design or logo placed on your personal vehicles there are other options available. For example, they now make car magnets which prevent you from having to deal with the permanent lettering placed on the vehicle. By ordering and using a magnet you can still have all of your information placed on it which can be easily attached to basically any metal surfaces. Allow the company to print whatever information you want on the magnet, then attach it to your desired location on the vehicle. Later on if you no longer need it, you can easily remove it.

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