Friday, 22 June 2018

Signage Tips to Maximize Brand Visibility

Even as the world braces itself to enter the third decade of the new millennium, which may bring more disruption in our lives, one of the things that has not changed much is the use of signage to promote brands and services. Sure enough, there have been several innovations in the signage industry but the basic premise for the use of signage has not changed. Whether it’s commercialspace in the CBD (central business district) or the downtown, or digital signage that keeps you updated on the latest happy-hour deals, there are some basic principles that must be followed to maximize your brand’s exposure and effectiveness.

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Must-have elements of good signage

As a marketer, brand visibility is key and a lot of thought and effort goes into every design and choice of medium. When it comes to signage, here are some important basics to bear in mind:

Keep it Simple- Yes, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle will always hold good. Think very carefully on the choice of words andkey messages and keep it relatively easy to read and process for the audience.

Good Design- While a variety of free online tools and software exist today to help most marketers create their own designs, the importance of a good designer should not be forgotten. It may well be worth hiring a designer to create a long-lasting impression.

Call to Action- Answer the question, ‘What would you like the audience to do after seeing your signage?’ That would be your call to action. Make sure to include the easiest ways for the audience to contact you or your brand.

Ideal location and placement- You may have found a perfect space for your signage but also make sure that it is visible from almost every angle. Watch out for trees, buildings, ducts etc. that may hamper complete visibility and leave you feeling short-changed.

Invest in quality- Signs speak volumes about your brand. In most cases, it is the first impression of your brand in the mind of the customer. Hence, investing in good quality signage, whether its indoor, outdoor or even simple directional signs, will make a world of difference.

Additional tips to enhance your signage

Now that the basics have been adhered to, give your signage that little extra zing to stand-out from the competition. Keep some of these thoughts in mind:
  • Be Unique- Do your homework to learn of what the latest materials and options are for signages. Find the right blend for your brand to capture attention and set yourself apart from the rest.
  • Refresh Content- Whether it is digital signage or outdoor traditional signage, make sure your content is fresh, and changes at regular intervals. While this may not always be easy to do with outdoor signs, it might be well worth the cost to change a sign if its been idling for more than a few months.
  • Treat Print and Digital Differently- You may have an award-winning campaign and ensuing signage for your outdoor campaign, but that may not work well for your digital signage. Make sure to keep target audience and behavior patterns in mind when making the distinction.

The world of signages may have undergone innovation over the past few decades but the basic principles of their design will always remain the same. Capturing as many eyeballs as possible in the target audience is always the priority foranybrand; some basic principles however, must be followed to increase effectiveness.

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