Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Remove Adhesive Wall Decals

Wall decals are extremely popular among Californian businesses and home owners alike. Whether it’s a vinyl graphic or an adhesive border, stickers certainly provide a decorative accent to any surface. However, most such graphics come with a vinyl coating that makes them completely resistant to cleaners and water. Hence, it’s nearly impossible to wash them off. These adhesive are also pressure-sensitive, so water can make it even harder to get these stickers off without damaging the wall.

How to remove the stickers?

Ø  The best way to remove a wall sticker is to use a technique that will keep the paint intact. In case the user pulls too quickly the vinyl sticker might tear and might also take some of the paint off with it.

Ø  It is good to test the decal by pulling at one of its corners slowly to see how firmly it’s stuck. In some cases it may remove easily without damaging the paintwork.

Ø  In case the decal is stuck firmly then the user can make use of a hairdryer to heat the corners slowly, then once the sticker gets easier to peel, start pulling on it while applying the heat simultaneously.

Ø  Normally with the heat technique there is no residue left but if there are any remains, the user can try soapy water. In case that doesn’t remove the sticker, then an adhesive remover can be used.

Removing the decal from the glass:

Wall stickers are known to adhere very well to glass. Hence, they can be pretty hard to remove. Here are a few points that need to be kept in mind when taking off stickers from a glass surface

Ø  The user must make use of a hairdryer in a warm setting by slowly heating the corners of the stickers. The heat should be applied constantly to the area that is being peeled off till the whole decal is removed.

Ø  Also, in case there is any adhesive residue, the user must try soapy water. In case that does not remove the sticker then a nail polish remover can also be used. It is advisable to first try a small area to test the result.

Ø  Here are some tips to ensure a good experience with these graphics:

Ø  It is a good idea to allow the painted walls to dry out completely before using such stickers. The user must wait for at least 2-3 weeks. In case the sticker is applied before the paint dries out fully, the adhesive could bond with the paint more strongly, making it highly likely for the paint to peel off when the decal is removed.

Ø  Normally stickers tend to peel off with no damage or problems to the surfaces. However, the location of the wall sticker and the condition of the wall can mean that paint flecks might get removed. Depending on all of these factors, slight touch-ups may be needed after removal. These stickers, however, are usually not liable for possible damage to the surfaces.

Another factor that might play a role in surface damage during removal is the quality of the decal. Hence, it is very important that the graphic is bought from a dealer that is known to offer the best quality and print. There are several sign makers in California that provide customers with excellent resolution and quality, at reasonable rates. The best way to find out about such dealers is to search online. Most providers have their own websites that lists their services and the type of material they use. Users can also read online reviews about these companies to narrow down to the best seller.

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